Bohemian Rhapsody brings Queen to the generations that did not live this phenomenon

My childhood and teenage were between the years 1990 and part of 2000. The first time I listened to We Will Rock You it was Five’s version of it. Yes, I was a teen around the time of the boy bands, and I listened Backstreet Boys, Five and Westlife a lot, judge me for that. Hahaha.

I downloaded Queen’s Greatest Hits I, II, and III after I was twenty don’t remember how many years old. Ever since this first contact, Queen remained in my preferred songs. I did not know their discography or their history on the other hand.

I dived into Queen’s discography the day after I watched Bohemian Rhapsody for the first time, and I have already watched it three times. In the last few days I already listened to their entire discography several times, with no sign to stop the playlist of their studio albums anytime soon.

Bohemian Rhapsody portrays part of Queen’s history, changes the order of some facts, and it is a fantastic movie!

I don’t believe any facts were ignored, not in the way many articles and videos are suggesting. A movie needs a plot with protagonist, villain, narrative arc and conflict. It takes creativity to build these elements, even if they are based on real facts, so they become an interesting story. The movie ends in a moment when Queen was at the top, and we leave the movie theather in a happy mood!

I loved Bohemian Rhapsody, and it turns out that I love Queen even more!

This link has a very interesting list of fatcs in the movie that happened differently in real life.

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