Jedi: my first costume from Star Wars universe

I got my first cosplay costume in 2015, it was Jean Grey.  After that I didn’t find enough motivation to get another before entering Star Wars Alliance, a local group of Star Wars’ fans, where my idea was very well received.

Building on the lessons learned from that first costume, I decided to start in Star Wars’ universe with a simple project: a classic Jedi. I started with the basic costume concept of many jedis — tunic, tabard, belt, pants, boots —, then I made a few changes of my own, that’s why my jedi wears leggings.

The reason why I didn’t make a robe for this cosplay goes by the name of summer. The inner tunic has short sleeves, yet the costume made me swet when I was at JediConRS.

I’m happy with the end result, and I’m already working on a new project: a Sith costume.

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