Sabine Wren: new cosplay costume for Solo’s premiere

My new cosplay for Solo: A Star Wars story‘s premiere is Sabine Wren, with armor colors from the third season of Star Wars Rebels.

For this costume, for the first time I made: a sewing pattern for the flight suit, and armor parts made of EVA foam. I also made the belt, and holsters. The boots are the same of a previous costume. The helmet, and the Westar-35 blasters were made by different people.

My mom cut and sewed the fabric for the flight suit. I’m going to learn how to sew one day, so I can stop bothering her with my crazy ideas.

For the armor parts, I spent several days from cutting and shaping the EVA foam pieces, preparing them with plasti dip, and finally getting the paint done. This is the result! 🙂

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