Sith cosplay for The Last Jedi’s premiere

For my Jedi cosplay1 I followed the basic concept for the jedi costumes we see in Star Wars movies. The Sith cosplay, however, started very differently: I started planning the costume thinking about a dress.

The fabric of choice was a black shiny spandex, later on I added some red satin lining to the skirt and sleeves. I used faux leather to make the belt and the other pieces.

I won first place in the cosplay contest organized by Star Wars Alliance in their premiere event at GNC, a local movie theather. There were other great costumes in the contest, and the event was amazing! <3

My picture was in the back cover of Zero Hora’s December 15th edition, this is one of the main local newspapers.

Credit: Félix Zucco / Agencia RBS

At GNC’s guest session, December 16th, I crossed swords with a Jedi.

I really walked a lot to find everything I wanted, and worked many hours to craft this costume. There was a lot of hand stitching.

The blue stone of the necklace has a story: it’s a sith amulet made with the kyber cristal taken from the lightsaber of a defeted jedi.

More details in the pictures.

[1] Jedi cosplay

Update (Feb 12nd, 2018)

I made it through TDE’s Dark Trials! Now I’m the member #443 of The Dark Empire.

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